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Pixel Lustre is about creating thoughtful, meaningful media that embodies and emanates light. We provide technical and creative video solutions that encapsulate your vision and help to accomplish your goals. Pixel Lustre works seamlessly with your organization, team or family to create expert video content. We represent you in the best light.

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Through a proven process, we work with international business leaders, healthcare teams, politicians, celebrities, non-profits and individual families to share the stories and messages that make us unique. We create strategic, thoughtful and inspiring content for all. 

Kind People Only Policy

we believe

Pixel Lustre brings an awareness, experience and knowledge of Diversity & Inclusion to every project. We feel strongly that the best storytelling includes all voices. Our Kind People Only policy ensures that we all help to create a more equitable environment for all. 

Our community is welcoming and safe.
We battle discrimination and intolerance in any form.

what we value


At Pixel Lustre, the partnership between our team and the clients we work with embody light. Our collaboration defines and illuminates our process, the client experience and the content we produce. Standing alone, one can shine; together, we glow.


Every challenge presents an opportunity to imagine and invent. We engage creatively to execute a shared vision and to eliminate obstacles along the way.


We show up physically and mentally, aligning with the moment, task, challenge and/or celebration at hand.

What do we value above coffee & dogs? 


Our medium’s reach is far. What we create makes a difference; it is important we are aware of its impact.

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SHow me Your Process →

let's collabORATE, SHow me Your Process →

Working with clients allows Andrea to combine her creative instincts with the knowledge and experience gained from working with Fortune 500 organizations. Her entrepreneurial career was shaped by a client whose business model focused on organizational performance excellence, helping form the values and processes for her business practices. With the support of her team, she leads clients through the video production process, ensuring their vision is executed seamlessly. 

Andrea is involved in her community through various local charities. She enjoys traveling, her dogs, kickboxing and the gym, ‘brah.’

Pixel Lustre's Founder

Artist & Architect

Andrea Mauro

Unconventional traditionalist, video veteran, artist. Passionate about combining our technical and industry expertise with creativity.

Meet the Team

We are lucky to work with an outstanding and collaborative team of creative professionals, freelancers, and small business owners in the creative community. They help make Pixel Lustre the right size for every one of your projects.


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