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We often consume large amounts of video content without even realizing it. From the moment you wake up, you can find video content almost anywhere.

Video moves emotions, expands knowledge, documents the present and shows examples.

When you donate to an animal shelter, visit a space virtually, learn how to create a new dish, or look up how to change a tire, it’s almost always from a video.

High-quality video content will last your business a long time. Video content can be repurposed to create content for multiple departments and uses. That’s just smart business. Our team will help you think creatively and strategically to get the most out of your videos.

We use multimedia to tell your stories well.

We can help you create a video that can:

  • Introduce prospective employees to your culture, while building team morale and enthusiasm
  • Educate your team, audience, or community about a new piece of machinery, initiative, change, or launch 
  • Attract potential customers by reflecting their experience and showcasing your product or service 
  • Showcase a location, product, training, or service. Video helps show and not just tell your audience

What we do

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Give your team a sense of pride by showcasing their success and experiences.

Inspire innovation, create impact, effectively educate and clarify your organization’s initiatives and goals.

Videos for Culture Building and Internal Messaging can also be used for recruiting, training, meetings and conferences. 

Are you wanting to communicate with your teams and employees in a meaningful way? Video content is ideal for building culture and communicating important messages within your organization.

Due to the internal nature of this type of video, we can share segments of samples only by request. For other samples, please click below for more of what we offer.

Culture Building & Internal Messaging


Create consistency and uniformity with branded content.

Support your agenda and theme with pre-planned content for introductions, sessions and accomplishments.

Connect with your attendees by sharing challenges and resolutions.

Supplement speaker comments, presentations and educational content.

Conference and meeting content can also be used for culture building, internal messaging, marketing, social media and recruiting. 

Conference & Meeting Video content helps transform a room of people into a dynamic, engaging and exciting event. Quality video content increases the value for attendees and ensures that your audience remains active and engaged!

Conference & Meeting Content 


Enhance attendee participation and development.
Support facilitator and expert content.

Create and connect to your organization’s LMS (Learning Management System).

Reach a wider audience, engage more effectively and maintain consistency across locations, teams, or channels.
Ensure consistent branding, culture and theme.

Educational and training content can also be used for Recruiting, Marketing, Social Media & Conferences.

Create step-by-step instructions on how to use a piece of equipment, how to sign up for a study or how a system works in your organization. 

Research shows that comprehension increases when instruction includes more than one sense. Adding educational video content engages your audience using several different learning styles. 

Education & Training


Video testimonials:
Establish credibility, enhance loyalty and describe key benefits.

Encourage audiences to connect more meaningfully with your company or organization.

Video content for recruiting:
Promotes the company culture and key messages so you can attract the ideal candidates

Communicate company culture, values and expectations more effectively

Showcases the best of what your organization can offer to top candidates

Your audience wants to hear and see what you have to offer. If you’re looking to supercharge your testimonials, there’s no better way than to add video. You’ll also have the ability to recruit top talent with exceptional video content.

Recruiting & Testimonials


Boost engagement, interest and conversions 

Drive traffic

Improve SEO

Increase exposure and brand awareness 

Appeal to specific audiences

This type of content can also be used for Education & Training, Conferences & Meetings, Recruiting & Testimonials, Viral Campaigns and Vlogging.

Video content is essential to encourage engagement and to remain relevant online. High-quality video content will help achieve important marketing initiatives when used on your website and in social media.

Marketing, Web & Social


Showcase high-profile speakers, award recipients and donors.
Highlight event sponsors to provide additional sponsorship inclusions or added value for key partnerships.
Feature artists, creators and community members to your audiences.

Increase attendance or ticket sales at upcoming and future events.
Video content for events can also be used for culture building, internal messaging, recruiting, marketing and social media.

Elevate your next event with video content. Video can be used to enhance event production, promote future and upcoming events, secure key partners and sponsors and celebrate important milestones.

Promotional & Event Recap


Document important events, milestones or accomplishments

Encourage company culture and consistency with employee headshots
Capture attendees, speakers, award recipients and sponsors at events and conferences
Showcase products and services for websites, social media and PR
Photos can be used across departments and will last your business a long time

Complement your video content with high quality photography. The Pixel Lustre team also offers photography to our clients. We provide photos for events, employee headshots, press releases, social media and more.


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Pixel Lustre is about creating thoughtful, meaningful media that embodies and emanates light. From first contact and planning to completion of the project, we want to seamlessly integrate into your organization, team or family and create the content you need like we’ve always been there. We want to represent you in the best light. 

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