Cultivating Culture. Fostering Education. Preserving History. Pixel Lustre works with corporate, healthcare, small businesses, non-profit and family clients to create branded videos.

Our clients use video for recruiting, marketing, educational, social media, conference content, social platforms, email marketing, internal and external communications, training, conferences, personal and business histories for websites.

Learn more about how to bolster the culture within your organization or community, educate your audience or promote your product or events with video.

Work with us

This is your story, how you tell it matters. 

Types of Content

We help brands tell their story with video

We value our relationships. We are committed to creating positive and inclusive environments for our partners and clients.

To provide an excellent experience for our clients, we focus on:
  • Clear communication and expectations
  • Collaborating with experts for each step of a project
  • An established process that ensures your expectations are exceeded
  • Translating your ideas and vision into a polished, final product

Our Approach

Why we do it

"Ordinary people working together as a team can achieve extraordinary things."

— Dad Mauro

At Pixel Lustre, we excel at identifying core needs.

Our team will strategize and plan your project, alongside your team leads and subject matter experts.

We organize logistics and provide a guide for what to expect, when.

We can work within an existing business process or provide guidance to create new processes.

We guide you through each stage of production, from initial concept to distribution

We love what we do. No matter how many times someone has been on-camera, there will always be pre-recording jitters, words that spill out incorrectly or you are not sure what to do with your hands. Our team embraces the process so you can feel comfortable and enjoy it. 

Production creates the content that brings your vision and strategy to life. In this step, we can cultivate a feeling, or space in a location using lights, cameras, people (and sometimes dogs). We are creating one moment in time together and we like to make the best of it.

An experienced crew is essential because they:
  • Are adaptable and can quickly provide solutions when things change onsite
  • Can spot and address problems before they occur
  • Offer creative input and insight
  • Eliminate hassle and worry for you

Producer/Director | DP/Camera Operator | Audio Engineer | Production Assistant | Make-Up Artist | TelePrompter Op | Photographer

Where Reality is Created


Budgeting | Talent | Crew Assembly | Production Timeline & Scheduling | Scripting & Storyboarding | Production Preparation | Locations & Call Sheets

In pre-production we plan, design and finalize logistics for the remaining stages of the project. When executed effectively, pre-production lays the foundation for a successful project. 

Pre-production creates a clear vision for the final product and actionable steps. This step minimizes surprises and makes the experience less stressful and more enjoyable. 


Where Imagination Meets Reality

Brand Strategy | Messaging | Idea Generation | Campaigns | Positioning 

Pixel Lustre helps you deliver the right video content to the right audiences with the right message to support your overall mission. We take time to understand the ultimate goal for your video, how it will be used and where it will be distributed. 

Through the strategy and development phase, we use established processes to ensure you are communicating concisely and effectively using video.

Strategy and Development

Getting the Game Plan in Motion



Art's Assembly Line

In post-production, we assemble the video footage with digital assets to create a cohesive and purposeful visual story. We carefully layer and time text, graphics, music, sounds and voice overs to create a dynamic and engaging final product.

In this step, Pixel Lustre uses a fine attention to detail, sense of timing, technical skills and our extensive experience to tell your story creatively and effectively meet your initiatives.

As a result, you can expect:
  • Fewer revisions 
  • That your audience will genuinely enjoy what you’ve created
  • Video that will help your business interact with customers 
  • More engagement, learning and connection!

Put Some Bounce In It

Editing | Text and Motion Graphics | Music | Voice Over | Color Correction

Motion Graphics are digital elements that have been animated and added or incorporated in to your videos. They might be color changing text, shapes, or a car moving along a map. They are used to illustrate a point, explain information or add visual interest.

Motion Graphics can:
  • Integrate your branding more fully into your video
  • Elevate and refine the quality resulting in a more professional and polished look and feel 
  • Take the place of a lack of or bad footage
  • Take hard-to-visualize data and represent it in an easier to understand format
  • Show things in a variety of ways to engage different types of learners

Are you ready to tell your story?

Bring your questions and biggest headaches to this call. We will give you ideas, suggestions, and solutions so that you can feel confident in how to approach your next video project.

A call will provide you with:
  • An understanding of the process
  • Answers to your general or specific requests 
  • How to plan and budget for a project 
  • Help you get organized
  • Understand timelines 
  • Give you clarity in how video can integrate into your business
  • Confidence in how we do business 

I’m ready to get my next project started →

- Wilson Pace, M.D., Chief Medical Officer
DARTNet Institute 

We worked with the DARTNet team to create recruiting videos for a COPD medical study to educate and encourage registration. Our collaboration enabled them to increase enrollment.  

She helped to find actors, both English and Spanish speaking with defined age and medical requirements... Editing and final product came together quickly with final edits turned around in short order... Everyone on the research team enjoyed working with Andrea and appreciated her help and guidance to get this project done on time and on budget. (via LinkedIn)

Andrea and her team were great to work with.

We're so glad our clients are pix-elated with our work

- Brendon Dedekind,
VP Market Officer at Prologis
(Real Estate Investment Trust)  

We worked with the Florida team to create a 90 second showing of a facility that had recently been listed. Utilizing the footage they captured of the tour, we incorporated additional footage, text and graphics to market the property on their social channels.

 ... in our interactions and more importantly - she was skilled and timely in helping us execute a social media video campaign that was impactful and hit the intended vision. THANK YOU.” (via LinkedIn)

Andrea was
warm, friendly
& professional

We're so glad our clients are pix-elated with our work

- Anna Fields
Media Supervisor at DaVita  

 ... an amazing team player. When we worked on quick-turnaround, high-profile projects, she was always calm and effectively produced engaging video content. Clients from our organization were always impressed with her work ethic and professionalism.
(via LinkedIn)

She is communicative, inclusive, and ...

We're so glad our clients are pix-elated with our work


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